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Zebel Is The New Buildores

I quit my corporate job in June 2019 to follow my dream, become an entrepreneur and start my own business, Buildores. The past 12 months have been exciting and a rewarding experience, with lots of ups and downs. Just like any entrepreneur, I had to wear different hats. I learned how to build a web application despite not being a programmer, built an MVP (Minimum Viable Product), marketed it, signed up customers, provided customer service, and happily cashed the checks!

The timing was perfect to start a new business: just 6 months before the worst global pandemic of the century! COVID-19 threw a big wrench in my plans but I’ve developed a high level of resilience over the years especially through my immigration experience and it has come in very handy in my entrepreneurial journey. I adapted to the new conditions, changed strategy, and shifted the focus to product development in the past few months. A new and improved version of the product will be released soon.

Doing all of the above has been an amazing experience but it’s time to take it to the next level and share the rest of the journey as a team with a Co-Founder. So, it’s not “I” anymore and from now on it’ll always be “WE”. We have picked a new company name, Zebel, a Farsi word meaning smart and agile. It’s inspired by the main character of a TV animation from the 1980’s called, “Zebel Khan”, which translates to “Mr. Smart.” Zebel Khan was smart and had quick and clever moves. We like the new name as it reflects the mission of our company, helping our customers make smart decisions quickly. Our product is a data analytics software for real estate developers and contractors to leverage their historical project data for better decision making in future projects.

Here is our new logo. It symbolizes how we enable our customers to make data-driven decisions for future projects based on the projects they’ve built in the past.

What do you think? Feel free to leave your positive and encouraging comments only because we really like our new logo… just kidding…tell us what you really think.

OK, that’s exciting but who is your Co-Founder? More on the team in the next article. In the meantime, check out our new website:


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