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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I log into the platform

You may access it through :

What are the minimum Requirements for Zebel

We recommend that you access the platform on a desktop, using Google Chrome, with a minimum width resolution of 1310px.

What is the difference between a Project and a Record

A Project is a general repository for all the data dealing with a particular Construction Project. A Record is a subsection (or phase) of that project. A Record can include the entire Project, but it requires a "Buyout Date" and "Record Date." Similar projects can exist, and variations are differentiated by "Version."

What is a Phase

A phase is a particular section or sections of a construction project.

What is a Record Date

Record Date is the date you create the record in Zebel. Records are snapshots of different components (phases) of a project in a specific time with certain design metrics and costs.

What is a Version

Version is used to differentiate multiple iterations of a project with the same phase and record date that have slight variations.

What is Record Status

It shows the status of the project at the time the record was created in Zebel. Four options are available: Quick Estimate, Pre-Construction, In-Construction, and Completed. Quick Estimate applies to estimates that were created in Zebel and saved as a record in the database.

Can I create updated records of a project

Yes, multiple records can be created within a project. They can be the same as other existing ones and vary by Record Date and/or Version.

What is the difference between Buyout Date vs Record Date

Buy Out date is the approximate date when the project was mostly if not completely bought out. The Buy Out Date is the same as Record Date for records with the status of Quick Estimate and Pre-Construction. As the construction starts and gets bought out, the Buy Out Date stays the same while the Record Date reflects the date the record is created in Zebel.

What is considered Design vs Cost data

Design data includes physical descriptions and measurements of a construction building/project. For example, total square footage/acreage, number of units, parking stalls, square footage of streets, etc. Cost data is any monetary value regarding the project budget, such as the cost of concrete or cabinets.

What are Design Categories

Design Categories are containers for design metrics for different components that make up a construction project.

What is Link to Market

Link to Market registers your customized design metrics and cost items within the software so that the system recognizes it for comparison against market data. It is specifically designed to make comparisons viable and meaningful regardless of how data is formatted or inputed. The aim for Link to Market is to make any comparison within Zebel, an Apples to Apples comparison.

What happens if I don't link an item to the market

The system won't recognize that item anymore and any comparison against other internal projects or external market data will be either incomplete or less accurate.

Is there a Zebel mobile app

At this time, Zebel is currently a web-based application but a mobile app is on our product development roadmap.

What browser works best with Zebel

We recommend Google Chrome.

How to edit my name/email/photo

Upon logging into in the top right of the screen there is a name and account subtitle, click the picture icon and a drop down menu will appear. Click on "My Account", a pop up will appear that allows editing of the profile with name, email, and photo.

How to change my password

Upon logging into in the top right of the screen there is a name and account subtitle, click the picture icon and a drop down menu will appear. Click "My Account", a pop up will appear that allows editing of the profile with name, email, and photo. On the bottom left of that window, "Change Password" appears, click the link and change the password as desired. If you no longer remember your current password, click the link at the bottom and proceed to reset your password via email.

Additional Help

To reach customer support, please click the chat bubble icon on any screen, located on the bottom left of the browser window. Enter the information as the pop up window prompts and one of our agents will contact you shortly. Additionally, you may reach us at

How to add a New Project

On the main dashboard page, on the left most panel, click on "Projects" > a subpanel will appear directly to the right, on the top right there will be a "Add New Project" with a plus symbol, click for the New Project pop up and populate it. Once the information is entered, click "Create New Project" on the bottom right and it shall appear in the Projects Subpanel.

How to edit/delete a Project

Within the "Projects" subpanel, click on the desired project to edit/delete > a drop down menu will appear and on the top right, a three dot icon will appear, click and a drop down will appear to edit or delete said project.

How to add a New Record

Click on "Projects" > a subpanel will appear directly to the right, select the desired Project and a drop down will appear. On the top right of the drop down, click "Add New Record", and proceed as directed.

How to find a Project/Record

Click into "Projects", directly at the top of the subpanel a search bar will appear. Projects are organized by alphabetical order.

How to find add/edit Line Item or add/edit Link To Market

Click into "Projects" subpanel, and select desired Project and Record > Select Design/Cost Category. On the top right of the Category sub panel, three dot icon will appear. Click the icon for a drop down menu that will enable: adding a new line item, edit existing line items, show the link to market, or to enter "edit mode" to adjust anything within that cost category.

How to create a new Template

Click "Settings" on the main panel > Record Templates > Click the white plus symbol on the top right of the submenu. Two tabs will appear. "Design" and "Cost" for each respective cost category. Proceed to label each Design Category (DC) and/or Cost Category (CC) by selecting the appropriate tab. As each DC or CC is entered, you will be able to click on it and populate it with respective line items by clicking the "Plus icon" on the top right of the header.

How to edit a Template

NOTE: Editing a template will NOT affect any previous projects/records where the template was used. Changes to templates are only carried forward, any changes to previously added projects/records will have to be made individually. Click "Settings" on the main panel > Record Templates > Click the desired template to edit. Select the desired Category tab to edit, "Design" & "Cost" will appear at the top of the submenu.

How to invite/add new users

Settings Subpanel > Your Team > On the top right, there is a plus sign that says "add new members" click on the icon and proceed as prompted.

How to compare Projects

Click "Compare" on the main Panel dashboard. Select the desired projects and Design/Cost metrics for comparison. The available projects and records are a direct reflection of your database repository. If you wish to compare a project/record that is unlisted, please add it to the Projects subpanel and proceed accordingly.

What are the minimum amount of metrics I need for an estimate

It's not so much number of metrics, as it is specific metrics that provide(about a dozen)

How do I clear an estimate that I'm working on to start over

This feature to be included on the next release.

Why is it important to include "Region"

Region is critical because in order to compare costs it's important to isolate as many variables as possible (Labor, materials, ordinances)

Can I change the estimate formats

Yes. The estimate format is dictated by the "Format of Estimate Output" drop down menu, within the "Comp Setting" panel. The drop down menu will show all the templates available in your account.

What is the comp setting panel for

The comp setting panel is to select the appropriate projects/records for a comparison, as well as the output format of comparisons.

Can I add more Studio/1BD/2BD/3BD? There is a max in the programming panel

Yes, below each room type toggles there is a "Add more ____" Click for additional SF or Units.

What if I need to add 4BD Units

Please reach out to us at

What is a Parking Ratio

It is the number of parking stalls divided by the number of habitable units.

What is Parking Efficiency

It is the Parking Area SF divided by number of Parking Stalls

How many Comps can I add


Can I remove a type of unit (1BD, 2BD...etc) if I added it by mistake? (Programming Sub-Panel)

Uncheck the box and it will delete it from the programming.

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